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Reliable Cancer Care in La Jolla Provides Respite & Relief

Advances in the treatment for cancer are allowing for more outpatient care. While this is cost effective and empowering for patients, it often means that the day-to-day care of an individual recovering from cancer falls on family members. These demands often place a great burden on the family, causing strains on familial relationships, as well as physical and emotional stress. At Home Care Assistance of [city], we understand the needs of seniors with cancer and act as their advocates while also serving as an invaluable resource and support system to alleviate family concerns. We provide high quality live-in and hourly care that ensures maximum comfort and safety for the patient and help instill a renewed sense of peace and comfort for their family.

Care Tailored to the Individual Needs of Cancer Patients

At Home Care Assistance, we create a holistic, individualized plan of care that manages cancer symptoms and meets a client’s day-to-day emotional and physical needs. Our trained professionals consult with the client, family members, hospital discharge planners and the client’s doctor. We use information gathered to customize care in a way that helps the individual cope with challenges, enhances healing and often reduces recovery time. We understand that cancer affects each individual differently, and our plan of care promotes independence and evolves to meet changing needs as the client moves through the treatment and recovery process.

Ensuring the Appropriate Level of Care for Seniors with Cancer

While providing services to a elderly adult diagnosed with cancer, Home Care Assistance caregivers use CareNotes to track progress, setbacks, changes and daily needs. These notes provide our clients, their family members and doctors with valuable information that can be a determining factor in adjusting therapies, modifying medications or making changes to the plan of care. This way, you can rest assured that the appropriate level of care and attention is being provided to your loved one 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Highly Trained, Qualified & Compassionate Cancer Caregivers

Client safety is a priority for our agency, and we employ experienced caregivers who are background checked and have documentation proving their ability to work in the United States. We have a strong reputation in the home care industry and are the preferred choice of home care for medical professionals in the cancer field. Whether our cancer caregivers are accompanying clients to medical appointments, providing bedside companionship, assisting with physical therapy exercises, preparing medically appropriate and balanced meals or assisting with activities of daily living, compassion is always integrated with skill to provide quality care that enhances quality of life. Specialized training is mandatory for all of our caregivers, and they use innovative tools and techniques to provide the very best care to clients who are battling cancer.

High-Quality Cancer Care Wherever You Need It Most

Home Care Assistance offers hourly, overnight and live-in care in La Jolla to meet the senior client’s short term or long term needs. Additionally, care is not limited to within the home. Our professional caregivers can provide reliable transportation to chemotherapy and radiation appointments, accompaniment to physical therapy groups, and can even provide bedside assistance at the hospital. With the support of our caregivers, families can rest assured that one-on-one care is always delivered with the utmost respect and dignity, and continuity of care is never a concern.

If you are seeking a compassionate, experienced and reliable caregiver for an aging loved one with cancer, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Home Care Assistance of [city]. We provide free, no-obligation consultations, never require a contract and our services are 100% guaranteed. Getting started is easy. Simply dial [phone] and speak with a Care Manager today.