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Role of Support Groups for Seniors with Cancer

Support groups bring together people who come from different backgrounds yet who face similar situations and challenges. For seniors living with cancer and their loved ones, a support group can offer a place of refuge where it is okay to voice concerns among others who understand what it is like to live with a cancer diagnosis. While some support groups are open to anyone who is affected by cancer, others may focus on specific roles, types of cancer or stages in a person’s treatment. At La Jolla Home Care Assistance, we believe choosing the right type of support group to fit your needs can make a significant difference in how you and your loved one manage life with cancer.

Regardless of the type of support group a person chooses, the benefits are very much the same. By listening as others share their experiences, you will be able to better understand your situation. Additionally, support groups can be a rich resource of information that can give you and your loved one a sense of empowerment while also learning tips for how to manage your loved one’s treatment and care.

In local support groups, you will be introduced to others who may share the same treatment facility and physicians, and you can share notes about the options that are available such as hourly home care in La Jolla. By exploring your options, caregivers can learn how to best provide care and how to seek respite while patients can gain a better understanding of the care process. Long-distance and online support groups can also help you to connect with others without the concern of facing judgment.

While support groups have many benefits, not everyone is open to the idea of sharing their experiences with a group of strangers at first. If your loved one has begun to show signs of depression, frustration or even defeat at the prospect of continuing their battle against cancer, then it may be helpful to bring up the idea slowly. Sometimes, caregivers attend a few support group sessions alone, and later, their loved ones decide to attend once they notice the positive changes in their caregiver’s attitude.

Over time, the members of a support group will become less like strangers and more like a family as you all work together toward the common goal of providing support to each other that can benefit everyone affected by cancer. If you need help caring for an aging parent or loved one with cancer, contact Home Care Assistance today and learn about our specialty cancer care in La Jolla. Simply dial 858-842-1346 and a Care Manager will be able to help you schedule your complimentary, no obligation consultation.