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After a hospitalization, a seamless transition home can reduce recovery time and the need for re-hospitalization. While well-meaning family members often step in to help their elderly loved one during this stage of recovery, demanding work schedules and physical limitations can make it difficult to complete every task in a safe and effective manner. The result? The senior’s needs go unmet and concern regarding his or her safety and comfort arise. That’s where we come in. Home Care Assistance of [city] is a leading provider of post-hospital care. Highly recommended by professionals in both the senior and medical communities, we are a key resource in ensuring positive patient outcomes and quality of life.

Comprehensive Care Services Delivered in the Comfort of Home

Home Care Assistance of [city] offers comprehensive in-home care during the recovery process. Our Care Managers work in collaboration with the client, family members, hospital discharge planners and the client’s physicians to ensure a safe home environment and a successful recovery process. We can assist with housecleaning tasks, transportation, running errands, changing bed linens, medication reminders and more. Our caregivers are licensed, bonded and insured professionals who offer compassionate care that is personalized and respectful of the individual’s highest level of independence.

Ensuring Continuity of Care after a Hospitalization

Many individuals understand that Medicare pays for healthcare after a hospitalization, but few understand the limitations offered by this benefit. While healthcare providers offer a valuable service, the tasks that Medicare will reimburse for are very specific, and most seniors only receive about 10 hours of assistance per week. In many cases, this simply is not enough to support the recovering individual. Home Care Assistance caregivers offer an important subsidy to medically prescribed healthcare. We assist seniors in safely performing physical therapy exercises, preparing nutritious meals and by offering support or supervision for dressing, grooming and other activities of daily living. This helps to fill the gaps in service and takes pressure off of family members when they cannot be with their loved ones.

Premier Hospital Care & Qualified Hospital Sitters Available 24/7

Sometimes extra assistance is needed even before an individual leaves the hospital, and Home Care Assistance can help with this too. Our trained professionals offer bedside assistance, companionship and advocacy. They can screen phone calls and visitors, assist with toileting and grooming needs, take notes during medical practitioner’s visits and encourage eating and appropriate activity. Having a familiar face in the room helps many seniors to feel calm and secure, which can help enhance healing efforts and reduce the need for extended hospitalizations. Some families use these services on a 24-hour basis, while others choose to hire our caregivers for a few hours at a time when they cannot be by their loved one’s side.

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If you are searching for a safe, effective and affordable way to help your loved one transition from hospital to home, give Home Care Assistance of [city] a call at [phone]. Our Care Manager will arrange a consultation to discuss your loved one’s needs and answer any questions. Our consultations are free of charge, and you are never required to sign a contract to utilize our services. Pick up the phone and take the first step toward respite and peace of mind.